OUR Project

NICHE / BGD / 199

Corporate Social Responsibility, SRHR and Innovative Leadership in the Readymade Garment Sector in Bangladesh.

Project period

April 2014 - April 2018


This project has been developed by Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology(BUFT). EP-Nuffic has awarded this tender to MDF Training & Consultancy, which has formed a consortium with BMB Mott MacDonald, Nyenrode Business University, MVO Nederland and CSR Bangladesh.

Project description

As an umbrella organisation of garment factory owners, BGMEA and BUFT both feel they have an important role on monitoring compliance and advocating for high industrial standards.

Through this project, BUFT would like to bring the business and academic community together, to enhance the knowledge and application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and innovative leadership within the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector in order to promote:

  • socio-economic development;
  • environmental protection;
  • international compliance;
  • equal participation of women in mid- and top-level positions.


The expected outcomes of the project include:

  • BUFT is a reference centre for CSR issues and provides education and training on CSR, gender mainstreaming, (including SRHR values) and management innovation;
  • BUFT's courses and services are in line with new policy developments;
  • Together with BGMEA, BUFT requires the RMG sector to address CSR and gender equality;
  • BUFT's management is strengthened and, together with BGMEA, monitors and promotes policy reforms regarding CSR in the RMG sector.

Donor harmonisation

At the start of the project, BUFT and BGMEA will take stock from recent policy developments in Bangladesh. The project will be harmonised with ongoing ILO programmes in the RMG sector and other relevant donor programmes and initiatives.

BUFT's new products and services will be aligned with the government's RMG policies, so that the CSR principles are put into practice by RMG professionals, factory owners and managers in Bangladesh.